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12 October 2010 @ 03:27 am


Please comment if you'd like to be my friend.
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This journal will not be a strictly friends-only journal.

Praise God! <3

02 December 2008 @ 05:19 pm
I just got through ordering my stuff for Christmas. (=^__^=)

They have a special at CDJapan where if you order Prince & Princess [Regular Edition] and one of the [Limited Editions], you get a free poster.



Prince & Princess [Regular Edition] -Versailles Philharmonic Quintet
Prince & Princess [Limited Edition (Kamijo Type)] -Versailles Philharmonic Quintet
The name of the ROSE [Regular Edition] -D

Lolita Kisama

Black PLO Scarf
Black Face Mask
FREE Poster
FREE Welcome Bag [Punk] (may not get it)

Walmart.com (Site-to-Store)

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass w/ BONUS Zelda Skin & Stylus (DS)

I wanted to get Bejeweled Twist as well, so I'll put a Post-it up of it on the fridge. If I can't get it now, I'll get it when the money from class comes back. If I have enough, I'll buy that DVD player and the Taichi DVDs.


I'm not sure if I posted about it or not, but I've decided to only take one class, Oral Communications, online this Quarter.

Not much has happened with my sims; I've just been playing one mostly. I wanted to see what happens when they go broke.

25 November 2008 @ 04:30 am
I wrote this to someone on LJ by email, and then I FWD it some friends.

--- I wrote this to someone, and I really want you to read it, cuz
you're my friend. I know it's about transgendered people, but you can
substitute it for anything/one else.

Anything I've added to it is in <<blah>>.


Hi! <3

Please just read this through to the end- It's not another one of
"those." Trust me. You can ask how it "worked" for me, or if you have
any other questions, I'd be happy to do my best to answer.

I was reading your Warning page, and I saw this:

"You can be fired from any occupation for transitioning; a university
professor in Michigan was fired for transitioning, on the grounds that
it goes against "Biblical principles." (Funny, I thought the Bible
said, "If your right eye offends you, cast it out." Shouldn't that
extend to other body parts as well?) "

And I had to comment. ^_^ In the Bible, when Jesus said that, He was
speaking in those famous parables of His- so unless a person was
consciously seeking to understand what He said, they could only look
at His words and go, "Huh?" So He didn't actually mean to stab out
your eye and throw it away. To take it literally would mean that
everything that was prophesied about Him and everything He did during
His life would contradict itself. He couldn't have helped all those
people while telling people to hurt themselves.

<< He promised us perfect health, He promised us money, food, clothes,
happiness, etc., in abundance, b/c that's what He's all about. Just
b/c your family claims to worship Him and claims this and that crap
about how He's so wonderful and they still live in something even
worse than complete sadness... it doesn't mean anything other than
they are selfish, stubborn people who only care about themselves.

God LOVES us. Whether or not WE get what He has for us (happiness,
confidence, money, His love, etc) depends only on US. All we have to
do to get these things is tell Jesus we believe Him. All we have to do
is say, "Jesus, please, come into my life and help me. Give me enough
wisdom and strength."

There are hypocrites, but that's what they are- people who say one
thing and do or believe another thing. God is truth. God is love. God
sent His Son here to save us from our pain, not to punish us for
someone else's mistakes.>>

It says in the Bible that even for God to be upset enough to wipe out
all wickedness from the earth would be a "strange" thing, which means
it's not in His nature to kill any living thing. God is innately good.
He can't be anything else. He can't look at sickness, or sin- it just
can't survive in His presence, so everything is made whole and

As for transitioning going against "Biblical prinicipals," I can say
this: Jesus stated that we are to know who we are in Him- we are to
trust Him, accept Him into our lives and He will show us things we
couldn't know before. He'll make us comfortable with ourselves.
Whether that be to transition or not, is up to that person and God.
God can't fail, He won't leave us or hurt us, so it's completely safe
to trust Him. He's like a big, perfect Dad. ^_^

I know that God would never prefer a person to transition, but would
rather have them be comfortable the way He made them. It's society
that determines gender, and no one should be forced to live or act in
a way that doesn't feel right. At the same time, no one should have
deal with the misery of not liking who they are. Jesus came not only
to help us, to "save" us from the pain of this world, the pain of
being alone, but He came to have a personal experience with the pain
we suffer every day.

To try and imagine what He must have gone through knowing what He did
then... and to still be willing to die for us? For people who thought
He was crazy, for people who thought they were better than everybody
else, for people who even robbed the poor in His temple? It hurts to
think about it, but He did it so we don't have to deal with pain and
uncertainty and so we don't have to hide and try to protect ourselves
from being the 1 in 4000 transgendered to die.

house_of_god @ LJ

25 November 2008 @ 02:08 am
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24 November 2008 @ 11:35 pm
I know it's been a while since I've posted an entry, but a lot has happened since my last post (which was a locked entry).

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I believe I've finalized the Christmas list for this year. They finally released the pictures of the CD's, so the decision was obvious.

I'm getting a region free DVD player, Taichi Saotome's 16 Sai DVD, and Versailles' Limited Edition Single (Kamijo). My mom wanted to get me Bejeweled Twisted for my PC too, but I'm not too sure that after spending $100 on Japanese merch. I can get it.

Whatever money I get back from class, I was going to invest in a scarf, mask, and then the Bejeweled game. Maybe I can get it, who knows?

As for class, I'm just going to take Oral Communications so I have the free time to do what God wants me to do. I still have no idea where to start, but I guess staying home and typing up random fictions is best for now. I find myself with no patience for writing lately, which sucks b/c He wants me to write. *laugh*

I've been reading one of Joyce Meyer's books, and in it she talks about the differences between men and women. I've been reading through them with mixed feelings. I happen to be an extremely visual, aggressive, and horrible at relationships (outwardly) type of person. Which she lists and a man's traits.

But I do need to feel cherished- even though I'm not at all sure what that means- just b/c I'm a woman. I thought that if someone needed me, that fulfilled my "I'm important" quota. Pah. <--- That's supposedly male.

transgender commentsCollapse )

Everyone needs to feel cherished- like they're important. That's a fundamental thing. It's apparently odd to be a woman who likes to feel like she's useful and not some wimpy thing (not a people-pleaser, but a more dominate way).

Yes, I apparently like to teach or show people things. I am horrible at speaking, but God gifted me with writing.

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07 November 2008 @ 03:08 am
I am truly hoping that this is not the sad beginning of a trend.

*sigh* It makes me want to cry that it's popping up everywhere, in a bad format- but, maybe they'll see Him somehow? And reach more?

07 November 2008 @ 12:42 am
I found a new group today while surfing CDJapan.


They're a bit extreme, but I've always loved extreme things. Operatic rock- the vocalist reminds me of a kabuki singer.

Dresses like one too.

Which brings another point! Taichi Saotome- oh how I would love to get this DVD. He's an onnagata- and I remember seeing a program on TV about them. So pretty. *sigh*
He's only 17, I think.

Maybe I'll get the DVD for x-mas.

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05 November 2008 @ 09:18 pm
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17 October 2008 @ 05:57 am
I just emailed someone from a church I used to go to b/c I 'm supposed to have communion. It's funny- it's like Grandpa's traditions. <3

I've prayed and prayed and cried and everything, and I'm to get communion. God won't make me do this myself- sometimes he talks to people inside their heads, and apparently he shows me TV shows with the answers. :D Consistently.

I'm going to just stop posting on my other account- I don't need that trash anymore. I'm going through anything I can find with it in it and throwing it away.

I can't wait to feel better.